Medication To Improve Female Orgasm

Medication to Improve Female Orgasm and Who is Fighting for It

Today, some fifty years after deeming the female orgasm to be worth scientific analysis, it is still the subject of much controversy, and there is still great deal of discrepancy when it comes to finding ways to improve the female orgasm.

Scientists Disagree with the Importance given to the Female Orgasm

Many scientists believed, when first studying the need of a female orgasm, that the woman’s orgasm is purely superficial. It is not needed if seen from the perspective of evolution, whereas the male orgasm is,-therefore not worth much consideration.

Some scientists still have this perspective. According to Dr. Elizabeth A. Lloyd in The Case of the Female Orgasm, the female orgasm is purposeless. Of course, she does say that sexual arousal is necessary; otherwise there would not be procreation.

Medication to Improve Female Orgasm Disputes the Lack of Interest

Most of today’s modern women would seriously contradict this train of thought. There is no question that as much as 40% of the female population has never experienced an orgasm, but that is not to say they enjoy living in this manner and would not improve the condition if given the chance. This is why there is a great market for medication to improve the female orgasm.

Medication to Improve Female Orgasm can Help

Just because a woman cannot have a frequent orgasm or any orgasm for that matter, does not mean she does not want to have sexual pleasure. In many cases this lack of a sexual orgasm can be attributed to genetics, psychology, social taboos, or age.

Medication to improve female orgasm could help in all of these instances. Most doctors Acknowledge the dysfunction and fights for a solution. When we consider either genetics or social taboo for women being unable to have an orgasm, we know that many women believe it is hopeless, and resign themselves to living either a sexless life, or one that is not satisfying for them. However, when we consider medication to improve female orgasm for these women, we suggest the introduction of all natural libido enhancers like Lyriana. This type of all natural product increases the blood flow to the clitoral area, increases sexual sensitivity, thus creating more sexual arousal and the increased ability to have the ultimate female orgasm.

Older Women Fight for Medication to Improve Female Orgasm

Now, we have another segment of the population that is beginning to suffer from female sexual dysfunction, when they never had the problem before. In fact, these were the women that instigated the sexual revolution, however, as they age, they find they are having a decrease in their sexual desire. This is caused by the reduction in estrogen and hormones. However, this is not a condition applicable to solely older women. Some younger women also suffer from temporary hormonal imbalances causing a reduced sexual drive. The solution to these imbalances is to take a natural supplement which re-balances those hormones, thus reigniting that sexual appetite and so improving the ability to have an orgasm.

When looking at ways to improve female orgasms, experts agree that medications are not the solution. These can cause harmful side effects, whereas natural supplements like Lyriana can increase the female libido, increase blood flow to the clitoris, thereby allowing a woman to attain that orgasm with adequate sexual stimulation. To learn if Lyriana is right for you, visit them at

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